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The Product

Google recently came out with an amazing resource called “Google Fonts” – Google Fonts is an online repository of fonts that Google has the rights to and that any website owner can use freely on their sites. It provides a huge selection of high-quality fonts that will make the web less monotonous without slowing sites down.

The only drawback is that integrating Google Fonts to WordPress sites require some coding knowledge because you have to add some lines of code to the CSS of your site to call on the fonts. But most people have a very basic knowledge of the code behind their sites so they don’t like messing with anything back there.

And that’s why Igor and I decided to create G-Font Plugin so website owners can leverage this amazing resource in a simple way and without having to mess around with code.

Demo Video

Sales Page



Option 1

Option 2

Google Fonts InfoGraphic

Click here for the infographic

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In this guide readers will discover:

  • What is the Google Web Font Project and why does it matter to you
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  • All the benefits of using Web Font in your site
  • The importance of design in obtaining the trust of your website visitors
  • Plus much more…

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