Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What WordPress version is required?

A: G-Font Plugin requires WordPress 3.3 or higher (if you keep your WordPress updated you’re fine)

Q: Will there be updates in the future?

A: Yes, we’re constantly adding new features and you get free updates for life!

Q: Will This Hurt My SEO?

A: Not at all. G-Font Plugin uses very little code in the actual page source. It will probably help your SEO as your visitors will tend to stay on your site longer.

Q: What themes does it support?

A: If a theme was built correctly the plugin will work like a charm. With that being said G-Font Plugin supports 99% of WordPress themes/plugins. If you run into an issue on a specific theme, just send us support request and we’ll resolve the issue for you asap.

Q: Does the plugin comply with Google Fonts TOS?

A: Yes, G-Font Plugin complies with Google Fonts TOS 100%.